All the news that’s fit to put here – where does the time go?

Well, it’s June again. Much is the same and much is not. I managed to stay Covid free until last week (May 25th). Boosted and all – yup… knocked down but not out. A tough week but in the rear-view mirror now. I sprained my ham string muscle early in May hiking. My physical and yoga gurus told me to stretch slowly and daily and, if possible, get some time not doing anything exertive. Well, I managed to get the latter done, couldn’t get off my back for three plus days. So, the silver lining is my hamstring is nearly mended.

Last September I joined the Swannanoa Valley Museum in Black Mountain, NC’s Board of Directors. My interest in the museum was borne from hiking the historic mountain rims here in WNC. Between those organized hikes and other community hiking I’ve been clocking in 45 plus miles a month. I suspect if I wasn’t in good health (for an old guy), my recent bout with the virus could have been worse. Building back slowly to my pre Covid distances.

Swannanoa Valley Museum has a wonderful website. If you’re interested check out their website I started the rim hike series years ago and have been a volunteer hike leader for several years now. The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest mountains in the US.

Unaccustomed to public speaking  and my penchant for serial volunteerism led to my being recruited to the board. My ecosystems have expanded to include the hiking community in WNC, and I am getting familiar with the geography and history of this beautiful area too.

On the B&A side of things activity has been brisk. By that I mean as busy as I would like to be with an array of clients new and old. My decision not to list those clients by name is consistent with my original plan to make their business theirs. I will say I have had success adding several new innovative security hardware and software solution providers. I also helped introduce an integration company to a national group and an acquisition ensued.

My passion for innovative products and services and their thoughtful leadership has never been greater. I am intrigued and pleased to work with companies whose solutions (both hardware and software) are aimed at security and safety. I am intrigued by the integration potentials which abound and the thoughtful development in our industry as the IoT and meta universe expands daily. I enjoy my continued interaction with developers, buyers, sellers, and those who have and will employ the solutions.

Additionally, my consultancy has grown to include helping companies who are looking for investors, or acquirers. I continue to engage with all on a confidential basis, respectful of the sensitive nature of those types of activities.

This is my forty sixth year in the industry and it is as new and challenging as ever. I love learning, strategizing, and developing relationships while helping to grow revenue and adoption of new innovative services.

Drop me a line or better yet, give me a call to discuss if we are right for your enterprise and your revenue needs. The call is on us (well it would be your phone).

Stay safe and well. HB