Yes, I’m On the Road Again – sorta!

Yes, I’m On the Road Again, sorta!

Thanks to the efficient distribution of COVID 19 Vaccines here in Mc Dowel County NC I’m fully vaccinated having received both “jabs” with the last on March 1st, 2021.

I promised not to sing although, I hear Willie Nelson’s iconic lyrics running through my head.

Yes, I’m on the Road Again, just couldn’t (I added that to the verse), wait to get on the road again, the life I love is making music with my friends.

The music I help make is aimed at your organizations’ vitality and prosperity.

The parodies and covers of this 1980 hit are as recent as Alanis Morrissette’s and Nelson’s release of their duet on June 1, 2021, celebrating her 47th birthday and announcement of a rescheduled tour postponed due to the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Willie and I haven’t spoken about a duet. I am however ready to go from virtual meetings to in person beginning July 1st, Willie will not be joining me.

Although working from my office here in NC remains a constant as are meetings both virtual and telephonic, an in-person meeting with you or staff is most memorable and has proven to be the most rewarding.

However, news continues to circulate regarding unvaccinated people are at a higher risk for covid-19 infections. Although the infection rate in my part of the globe is for now low. That is not the case nationwide. Travel will be on reviewed on a case-by-case basis. I remain optimistic and am eager to be of assistance, virtual meetings remain my most common form of contact currently .

So, if you’re in need of a Belfor fix I’m excited to let clients new and old know I am ready to leave on a jet plane if that’s what we decide is the next best step.

Hoping all is well with you and yours. Contact me for details on engaging with the Belfor & Associates, LLC team. All contact information is on this website.

All the news that’s fit to put here – where does the time go?

Well, it’s June again. Much is the same and much is not. I managed to stay Covid free until last week (May 25th). Boosted and all – yup… knocked down but not out. A tough week but in the rear-view mirror now. I sprained my ham string muscle early in May hiking. My physical and yoga gurus told me to stretch slowly and daily and, if possible, get some time not doing anything exertive. Well, I managed to get the latter done, couldn’t get off my back for three plus days. So, the silver lining is my hamstring is nearly mended.

Last September I joined the Swannanoa Valley Museum in Black Mountain, NC’s Board of Directors. My interest in the museum was borne from hiking the historic mountain rims here in WNC. Between those organized hikes and other community hiking I’ve been clocking in 45 plus miles a month. I suspect if I wasn’t in good health (for an old guy), my recent bout with the virus could have been worse. Building back slowly to my pre Covid distances.

Swannanoa Valley Museum has a wonderful website. If you’re interested check out their website I started the rim hike series years ago and have been a volunteer hike leader for several years now. The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest mountains in the US.

Unaccustomed to public speaking  and my penchant for serial volunteerism led to my being recruited to the board. My ecosystems have expanded to include the hiking community in WNC, and I am getting familiar with the geography and history of this beautiful area too.

On the B&A side of things activity has been brisk. By that I mean as busy as I would like to be with an array of clients new and old. My decision not to list those clients by name is consistent with my original plan to make their business theirs. I will say I have had success adding several new innovative security hardware and software solution providers. I also helped introduce an integration company to a national group and an acquisition ensued.

My passion for innovative products and services and their thoughtful leadership has never been greater. I am intrigued and pleased to work with companies whose solutions (both hardware and software) are aimed at security and safety. I am intrigued by the integration potentials which abound and the thoughtful development in our industry as the IoT and meta universe expands daily. I enjoy my continued interaction with developers, buyers, sellers, and those who have and will employ the solutions.

Additionally, my consultancy has grown to include helping companies who are looking for investors, or acquirers. I continue to engage with all on a confidential basis, respectful of the sensitive nature of those types of activities.

This is my forty sixth year in the industry and it is as new and challenging as ever. I love learning, strategizing, and developing relationships while helping to grow revenue and adoption of new innovative services.

Drop me a line or better yet, give me a call to discuss if we are right for your enterprise and your revenue needs. The call is on us (well it would be your phone).

Stay safe and well. HB

CLIENT SUPPORT DURING COVID 19 CRISIS Our office is functioning as always, we continue to serve our clients new and existing. We know this is affecting all of us, our families, businesses and our communities. We offer Phone Support: The Belfor & Associates phone support team continues to be available during our regular support hours or email us at . We are already working from home and are ready to assist you. Our telephone number is 828-707-3249. If you are directed to our voice message system, please leave a clear message and the number you would like us to call you back at and when you will be available for a call. Travel: Effective March 16, 2020 we eliminated all non-essential travel and have cancelled face to face in person meetings to ensure our workplace is a safe as possible and respect yours as well. Networking via computer: We have a robust network connection and are able to join you via network connections using many of the remote meeting software platforms. We have had success with most and are agreeable to using that method as well. We’re grateful for our clients and your continued support. We encourage you to contact us if we can be of assistance. We send our thoughts and prayers to you all. `We encourage you to stay aware, healthy and safe. HB

Another Anniversary serving the Security Industry

In April of this year Belfor & Associates, LLC entered its tenth year serving the industry. We continue to serve integrators, manufacturers, emerging technology companies, sales leaders and their company’s leadership. Our initiatives are aimed at growing their professionalism and knowledge while focusing on revenue. Our mission is to assist in developing strategies, best defined as doing the right things and tactics, doing things right. Thanks to our clients old and new. Don’t hesitate contacting us to discuss how we can assist you and your organization.

GSX 2019 I’ll Be There

Security professionals from around the globe will be greeted by an amazing line up. Hundreds of knowledgeable speakers. Classes and an array of products and services. This will be my 43rd consecutive year in attendance. I know I’ll find new ideas, best practices and get to see my network of security professionals. See you there.

ASIS International Foundation’s line up of events at GSX in Vegas

A great line up of ASIS Foundation events awaits you this year in Vegas.

Here are some highlights

  • Sunday 23 September – the annual golf tournament will be held at The Bali Hai Golf Club 5160 S Las Vegas Boulevard – tee time is 0800 with lunch 1300-1430.
  • Also on Sunday 23 September – The Foundation Reception will be at Brooklyn Bowl, 3545 Las Vegas Blvd South  at 1800 – 2200.  A Karaoke challenge cheer on your favorite with your donations to the Foundation  – ohh and btw this Brooklynite won’t be singing so no fear there.
  •  On Monday the 24th of September– come to the awards luncheon at noon and don’t miss the Karen Marquez Honors at 1730-1900 in the Westgate Pavilion 10, where this year’s awardee is long time thought leader and educator Linda Florence.
  • On Tuesday the 25th – photos with chapter donors in the Hub at the exhibit hall will be taken. Check for times chapter leaders.
  • On Wednesday the 26th – don’t miss the awards during keynote at the convention center 0830-1000
  • Plus  a favorite for those updating resumes or professional social media pages you can get a professional mug shot at  photo lounge and while there snatch a collectable GSX Pin both at the Hub in the convention center

I look forward to seeing you and being seen. You can keep updated on events by visiting website for additional details and information.  Golfers sign up now as space is filling up. Safe travels to Vegas -see you there. HB

ASIS International Global Security Exchange – GSX Las Vegas 23-27 September 2018

Formerly the ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits, Global Security Exchange unites the full spectrum of security for one powerful, global event. A world class education, innovative technology and solutions and leading industry networking opportunities. This year in partnership with Infragard and ISSA the Information Systems Security Association International.  I look forward to seeing you there, this my 42nd consecutive seminar and exhibits.  Each passing year has proven to be more rewarding and informative then the previous one, I’m confident this will be the case again. Register now on line at  and don’t forget to check out the ASIS International main website for other events –

Sessions Galore – hope to see you at this one

Don’t miss this session: Global Threats Affecting the Security Profession: ASIS International Board of Director’s Perspective.
This 2-part session # 5210 and #5306 will be presented on Tuesday 26 September beginning at 1400 EDT
Regardless of whether you can join me here, take advantage of the provocative, insightful and timely topics, which address a majority of the most important issues facing security professionals worldwide. Review the sessions now and maximize your attendance at this year’s event.

Howard Joins ASIS International Foundation Board of Trustees

The ASIS Foundation is dedicated to supporting our members, our profession and our communities.  With the support of ASIS International, member and chapter donations and corporate support, the Foundation is able to invest in elevating security practice through research and education.

  • Education – Talented and worthy members and security students around the globe receive scholarship support from the Foundation to pursue education and certification in the security field.
  • Research – Each year the Foundation invests in actionable research on current challenges and industry trends in the security field.​

Howard is committed to the foundations mission and vision and invites anyone who is eager to know more about how they can participate in the foundation’s growth to contact him.

Physical Security Principles – 2nd printing released

The ASIS International Book Store announced the release of the second printing of this wonderful study guide and reference text. Howard is a co-contributing Editor. The book is now available either on line or if you’re in attendance at the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, stop by the bookstore and get you very own.