Time keeps on ticking. In 2002 ASIS International’s Professional Certification Board verified that I was eligible to take the CPP examination for certification as a protection professional.  At that time, I was an active member of the association for 15 years having joined in 1987.  46 years later I’m still a member and have been a CPP for 21 of those years.

It was that year (2002) that I sat for the test, one I had studied for over the course of several months. Later I received a congratulatory letter from the professional certification board informing me of my success in passing the test. That letter also informed me that there is a recertification verification process which would take place every 3 years.  A blue sticker in my welcome folder laid out the years from 2002 to 2029…. wow I thought every three years. How long would I be enduring that?  Well 6 recertifications later and I’m still a due paying member and a CPP.

My association with ASIS, the network of professionals, vendors, education sessions and overall experience has enriched my life and my professional career.  

I look back fondly on the challenge one of my associates, and still a close friend, put forth  for us to both attend review classes and take the test.  Thanks Derek Radoski, CPP – also a recertified CPP with 21 years and 6 consecutive recertifications as well, way to go.